Terryville Halloween Dance

Terryville Halloween Dance
Students dressed in their Halloween costumes

On the 15th of October the Terryville Elementary school had a Halloween dance party. This party was, for the first time ever, done outside for covid reasons. The school principal, Dr Sciove, was also participating in the dance while talking with the parents while their kids went off to either dance while the dj played halloween music, or to go play games. These games ranged from tag to flag football. Some children just chose to hang out on the playground.

Since the dance was a Halloween dance all of the kids, and some of the parents, were dressed up in costumes ranging from blow up aliens to dinosaurs to characters from different games. Some of the games that the kids were wearing costumes from were Minecraft, Fortnite and Among Us. Besides the game character costumes, there were also a ton of generalized but still good costumes. Some examples would be blow-up aliens and dinosaurs to common Halloween characters like Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers.

Another side part of the Halloween dance was the PTA fundraiser off to the side. This fundraiser was to raise money for future dances or events for the 8th graders. The fundraiser offered f hair extensions for the students who wanted them. Each extension cost about four to five dollars, depending on the length. Another way they were raising money was by selling snacks and drinks like Sprite, Coca-Cola and food like Cheez-Its and cookies. 

While the dance was fun for the attendees and even for the hosts and helpers it at one point had to come to a close. Near the end of the dance the entire 8th grade who showed up gathered together to take a class picture for the yearbooks. All of the parents of the children who were in the picture were all also taking pictures themselves for their own memories and families.

The Terryville Dance was a great success. It was nice to see the children having such a great time, after a hard year.

App users: Visit this link to view pictures from the Terryville Halloween Dance.